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A Guru's Tale

Who is Buddha Yogpeeth

Yogi Sanjeev Semwal

Yogi Sanjeev is the head instructor in Buddha Yog Peerth.

A holistic soul Yogi Sanjeev is born in Brahmin Family in Himalaya.

If you look his background, you find out that he has been practising yoga more than 15 years. He started teaching yoga since 2008 and today he is very popular & well-known name in many countries.

Yogi has trained more than 2000 students so far. Yogi is holding national & inter- national experience. He is considered to be the best teacher of Ashtanga Yoga & Yoga therapy. He has done his Ayurveda from K.A.P.L university in Kerala.

Yogi Sanjeev is not only the master of yoga but also a master of Ayurvda, foot reflexology, siyatsu therapy, Thai massage, hot stone therapy & Panch karma.

Learning yoga from yogi Sanjeev is the biggest gift for his students.

Yogi Dhirendra

Best teacher of Hatha & Ashtanga

Yogi Dhirendra is a one of the best teacher of Hatha &Ashtanga. He is very well known & popular teacher all over the country and in most of the world. Yogi Dhirendra started doing yoga when he was only 15 years old. He has learned yoga from many famous Sanits, Guru’s, & Mahatmas.

He also known as “D” from his devotees, it’s very hard to describe about his history coz he has done a lots of studies & research. He has trained more than 1000 students in India & cross the overseas

Learning yoga from D is a big gift by itself for his students.

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