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A Journal to Yoga for beginners

Beginning of anything new could be scary and difficult most of the times and putting yourself in a Yoga school or session as a naïve is for sure not an exception anymore. Being referred to as a new Yogi, knowing about Yogic life, living standards, food that they eat, the daily routine of them, Yoga postures and their names, difficult sounding Sanskrit Mantras and chanting, and everything could make you feel like you are learning a new language or so. And it happens that when one could not be able to move his or her body in a specific way, then few of yoga postures could even lead to negative or unhappy moments at that time on the mat. This makes it utterly important and required to be sure that you begin your yoga journey always with the session that is been specifically structured and devised as per Yoga for Beginners. The yoga for beginners courses, programs and sessions begin absolutely with the basics, simply assuming and considering a beginner’s mind and in accord to the same, structuring the yoga poses, sequences, language and everything in that way making it simple to follow and grasp. In fact, by beginner’s mindset, it is even been concluded that he or she has no idea of what downward facing depicts for. So, if you are a beginner, make sure to go for those sessions only and start understanding about a Yogi life.

Wondering what it must be like becoming a New Yogi and about Yoga:

There are several reasons behind people feeling alarmed or frightened because of yoga sessions and classes. Just for the record, do make it understood that if you are one of them, feeling like this is completely normal and understandable. People feel switch off the moments during yoga classes and there are different altogether reasons for the same. Some feel awkward with the mantra chanting of OM, which usually happens at the beginning and end of yoga classes, no matter whether it is a beginner session or an advanced one. Some of them feel on the edge once they hear Sanskrit mantras and so, which usually are used while doing Yoga postures, asanas and other practices. For many of them, they believe that most of the Yoga classes are been conducted on mixed level including participants from both beginners to advanced levels and this fact is alarming for them that is to be in one same session with others. It is natural that when the person sitting next to you is able to do a very fine Yoga pose, which you are trying to do like that but not able to, then definitely there could be feelings or doubts arising in one’s mind that Yoga is right for you or not. Patience is the key and if you really want to learn and practice Yoga, you have to actually inculcate Yogi living standards in your daily routine, practice daily and then seek out for the advantages and changes that it has done.

Many a times, all of us hear people saying that Yoga is not right for them or their body is not flexible enough to do the same. The fact is different as Yoga is been one of the most effective, simple and gentle forms to build flexibility and strength in your body along with considering the overall health and well being. And as Yoga practice has a strong and efficient physical component in terms of assisting and achieving a well functioning, toned, healthy and fit body, there is simply a large array of several other advantages of maintaining and following a regular yoga practice and routine. Once you get comfortable in practising yoga and different forms, it actually begins becoming a part of your day to day routine eventually with time and it will simply start feeling towards and heading towards meditation. The prime reason behind the same is just because of the ability and strong focus on the control of your breath and awareness, assisting you moving into a slow, natural and focused breath relaxing your nervous system to the core. Keeping aside the endorphins that are released due to physical activity while performing yoga asana, the prime emphasis that is been given to breathing is the major reason that people start feeling calm, clear-headed and definitely energized after a yoga session.

Preparing for your first Yoga for Beginners class:

Hope, till now you have acquired knowledge about the advantages of Yoga. Let’s now dig a little deeper into few tips and ideas on how you can best prepare for your first Yoga session or class. It is to be noted by everyone looking forward to join Yoga classes that there are few things that should be taken care of while getting started. If you are nervous then it is absolutely normal to feel like that and it might not be a surprise and wonder for all of you to know that the most vital and significant thing to carry along with you in a yoga class is none but an open mind. An open mindset is very much important while going to a yoga class and another important thing to do consider is to be comfortable and flexible while practicing it. The things that you should carry along with you in your Yoga classes are been mentioned in below.

  • Stretchy and comfy clothes – As such there is no wrong or right outfit for Yoga, until they are comfortable, stretchy, and breathable and also fit around your especially waist so that while practicing, your bottoms don’t slide around very much. Just for the record, for men, sweatpants, long sized gym shorts or yoga leggings work well with a workout singlet or a loose t-shirt. For women, it could be sports top or any of the breathable fabric t-shirt paired with workout leggings or loose fitted linen pants.
  • Towel – The basic reason to go flow in with the yoga class means to follow a basic sequence, moving from one yoga posture/asana to other in the next step, letting your body to heat up and know and learn how to avoid any kind of injury while doing stretching and practicing. Definitely, in this step, you will get sweaty and just to keep off dripping sweat while practicing yoga asana over the mat, do make sure to bring along a towel with you so that whenever there is a need, you can wipe off sweat and so with ease.
  • Yoga mat – It is by far one of the most essential things that you must carry along while learning and practicing yoga, irrespective of the fact whether you are going somewhere for your first class or joining an online class or so. For your first Yoga school for beginners, specifically in case you are opting for an online session, you can practice the session even on the floor over a towel, in case you don’t want to invest in a mat. In most of the Yoga studios and classes, mats are been provided too. But, in case you are practicing after your class at home or so, it is wise to invest in a good quality yoga mat.

The main purpose of Yoga classes is to make students and participants aware of the advantages, how it could impact your health, well being and overall mindset and thinking, and ultimately meet with your true self and gain that peace and content with time. The beginners Yoga makes you feel confident, prepared and definitely motivated enough to practice and preach, on and off the mat, along with understanding Yogic life meaning in real self in your living being. It could be difficult in the start, but eventually with time, things and everything seems to be easing off and you get imbibed in the same routine. Are you looking for online sessions for Yoga classes or Yoga schools in India? Rishikesh is been famous for spirituality and bliss and it is also reckoned as the world capital of Yoga. In fact, there are many schools available providing yoga teacher training courses and sessions to students coming from different corners of the world. So, have an open discussion with them, seek for more details about the asanas and routine that you need to follow if you register yourself for the beginners course, clear your doubts and once satisfied, do enrol for them as it will ultimately give you an opportunity to stay in touch with like minded people on one side and on the other let you stay away from the chaos of metropolitan places of the country and others for some time. Do not miss out the chance if you have to get register this time for beginners yoga class and start learning, practicing and inculcating the same routine in your daily routine and glance at the positives by yourself. We really hope that this journal to Yoga for beginners is been helpful and knowledgeable to all of you. Feel free to give your valuable feedback, comments and suggestions.