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Buddhayogpeeth Yoga school

Beginning of anything new could be scary and difficult most of the times and putting yourself in a Yoga school or session as a naive is for sure not an exception anymore. Being referred to as a new Yogi, knowing about Yogic life, living standards, food that they eat, the daily routine of them, Yoga postures and their names, difficult sounding Sanskrit Mantras and chanting, and everything could make you feel like you are learning a new language or so.

Welcome to Buddha Yogpeeth – One of the oldest and finest YTTC School in Rishikesh, India! Reckoned as one of the top most Yoga school in India, it’s been a pride and sheer content to all of us of being registered as a non profit organization, assisting candidates and aspirants from all over in grabbing an insight about Yoga, Yoga practices, Meditation, and Ayurveda from the expert Yoga Gurus in India.

The ashram is been located on the banks of Ganges and the place has actually become like a retreat for everyone looking for to study and practice Yoga from all corners of the world. Feel free to enrol for any of the teacher training and certification course including 100 hour, 200 hour, 300 hour or 500 hour YTTC course or yoga retreats for 7 days or 15 days, depending on the time suitability.

While staying at our ashram during the course, students will be staying in the guesthouses having all kinds of facilities like closet, balcony, bed, private bathroom with hot water and shower, etc. The comfort, privacy and convenience is utterly been taken of, and the rooftops have breathtaking views of Ganges and Himalayas, a perfect space for aspirants to learn, preach and practice.

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Probably it’s most noteworthy and great opportunity especially relevant for those who would like to deepen their practice, reach new levels safely and explore the path of Yoga. Through the yoga teacher training courses & yoga retreats, furthermore, the centre aims to spread and preserve traditional Yoga through its well-crafted yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats, in the holy Yoga capital of “Rishikesh”, India.

best yoga teacher training in rishikesh india
Our Mission

Our motto is only to be a sheer reflection and echo of Yoga and Meditation is all about that is spiritual, compassionate, transformational, meaningful and utterly important is to be conscience. As a leading Yoga school in Rishikesh, India, our gurus help students to manifest the power and strength of Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga in body, mind and spirit and integrate the same into their lives and practices.

Our Vision

Spread health and happiness through preaching about both ancient and traditional yogic wisdom. Assist our students to create a safe personal or professional yoga practice level with which they can attain balance of mind and body and could reach new levels of self realization, flexibility, strength and definitely peace. Serve our community and society by sharing Yoga practices and learning about Meditation and else encouraging and boosting peaceful mind, physical health and illuminated and sparkly spirits.


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About Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a heavenly city, located on the banks of river Ganges and nestled under the beauty and charm of breathtaking Himalayas. Surrounded by waterfalls, jungles, serenity and purity, and also temples, the destination is undoubtedly like a hidden treasure and a gateway for those looking to delve into yogic practice and spiritual wisdom. The gurus are trained and came from different corners of the globe to share their wisdom and experience with others and the learning and training is been based on classical teaching patterns covering all aspects like asanas/postures, meditation, pranayama, detoxification and stress management techniques. The food is prepared with freshest ingredients on daily basis and it’s purely satvic and homemade. Be assuring of the quality and freshness of the spices, vegetables, lentils and everything used in the meal. To experience the living of a yogic, it is important to eat the right meal and that could detoxify the bad or negative hormones from the body and soul. Aiming for the same, all meals served are light and that can leave your body strong, nourished and focused during the Yoga practice and training courses. Everyone has a hidden potential and strength and we want you to realize the same and achieve happiness and harmony altogether. Feel free to get back to us to discuss anything or give feedback

Best yoga school in rishikesh india

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