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Yoga classes and professional guidance can help to improve body image

At some point, each one of us struggles with some body image and confidence issues. In this post, few ways have been mentioned which can really help one to feel confident in the same skin in which you are in. It has been determined that Yoga can simply do wonders for people out there. It only seeks for the dedication and patience. Thinking about how yoga classes and good guidance can help in improving your body image? Read on to the following and eventually you will agree that Yoga cannot only help in personal empowerment and happiness but also in enhancing body affirming experiences. As per a survey, it has been noted that people in between age of 10 to 17 feel low body esteem and always feel pressurized to meet good appearance ideals. The survey is been conducted in more than 14 countries. Primarily it was more associated with the women and girls but nowadays, it is been impacting equally to men and boys too. In fact, it is a common concern that was heard in yoga classes nowadays that most of the people find it difficult and struggle somewhere to feel at ease within their skin. The causes behind is body image, eating disorders and so. The perception of “how we look” is been often tangled up with improbable ideals and expectations leading to so many feelings together like shame, worry, unhappiness, insecurity, embarrassment, control weight, do exercise, eat less and so. When such feelings pick up heat, it leads to unhealthy beliefs in most of the cases and self-worth is in doubt.

Undoubtedly, “Yoga” is the true and transparent path to change such harsh beliefs and lead to self love, compassion, acceptance, peace and happiness. Throughout the Yoga classes, learning and practicing, we all practice gaining peace and harmony within along with strengthening our relationship with body, mind and soul. How to judge and feel that Yoga practice is helping in making one feel more content and confident in their skin? Well, as per the experience of Yoga teachers and instructors, there are few key pointers that are mentioned in below how Yoga can assist in improving body image and feel comfortable. Go through them and clear all your concerns.

  • Yoga helps to build a worthy and responsive relationship with body via movement – Yoga doesn’t ask anyone to prove them or win or perform or any such activity. It is an art, not a race that needs to be outperformed. All the Yoga asanas or postures are simply personal experiences of everyone who are practicing it in order to achieve peace and harmony within. It is a sort of an expression that people conduct toward their bodies. Every time, a student tries new posture, challenging his body, keeping up at the discomfort, feel those emotional and muscular sensations and more, he is trying to express within and towards his body. With time, as you practice and learn different forms, simply try to appreciate the ways in which your body must surprise you, including everything, how it helps you to twist, balance, stretch back, forward, sideband, and like ways. Pay close attention to the body parts that are helping in doing those amazing movements, reckon them and pay acknowledgement or appreciation by yourself. Take out intentionally few minutes of your time on a Yoga mat to appreciate stuff, and you will realize and become aware of the strength and positivity of your body and that could really support you in loving your body image.
  • Yoga helps to look over the possibilities than constraints – It is natural and simple for anyone to emphasize only on the wrong rather than the right? Isn’t it? Often, we all tell others and focus on the things that our bodies can’t do, instead of appreciating what they can do. This kind of negativity hardens with time and Yoga poses can really help in shedding off this hardened layer that each one of us carries along with. Definitely, practicing Yoga daily is a safe place and space where there is no boundation on any external factor. The only limitation if there is any is looking over for the possibilities, not on the limitations at all. So, the next time whenever you are going to be on a Yoga mat, make sure to tune in with your inner self, be a little curious and do not ever doubt your body. Do some self talk and think like how doing a particular yoga pose could lead you to perfection? How a yoga pose could rejuvenate your mind, soul, body and spirit completely? Try this time yoga pose with a little appreciation and love for your body. In this way, you will definitely create and build a kinder and compassionate relationship with your body and mind.
  • Yoga helps to observe and analyze, not to conclude – While doing Yoga poses and attending Yoga classes, students and participants analyze and observe rather than to criticize about stuff. Students notice everything with keenness and compassion. Observing something is a practice in order to be and remain neutral towards all the moments and acquiring this skill is the basic key to have an appreciative relationship with your bodies and further improvising your body image. Following the same concept, just try something for us this time and acknowledge more. Take out some time, be on your Yoga mat, and try out that Yoga Pose you really like doing and notice what you really like at that time. Just for an example, what you feel, sense, like the sounds around you, love how your body is supporting you while doing the pose, the breathing, thoughts and notions playing in your head, muscular sensations you feeling at that time and likewise. Without any wish or self judgement, simply observe such little things that make you content at that moment. Try to practice that pose every day on your mat and with time and with keen observation, a time will come when you will truly realize and reckon your body’s unique abilities and attributes instead of thinking to change anything.
  • Yoga is the key to learn practicing presence – Whenever a person is been caught up in negative thinking about his body, it is to be noted down that he is not present at that time with an active mind. In fact, it is been believed and it’s true that he is been trapped in either past or future, thinking about stuff from the past or that will happen in the long run. At such moments, feeling of shame, guilt, unhappiness, worry arises, leading to lose the connection with the existing moment, and ultimately difficult to feel content and happy within their skin. Through Yoga, Meditation and breathing exercises, people can actually learn how to feel the presence that is one of the most important tools in keeping oneself calm, happy thinking about their body image, present and not about other worries. To help in realizing the presence, the key anchor is the breath. Sit down for some time quietly every day, try to observe your breath for few minutes, notice its inhale and exhale properly and attentively. While practicing, feel curious about how breathing is been impacting your mood, twist, balance and more. It will help in feeling the presence and ultimately feel comfortable in the skin you are wearing.
  • Yoga helps to delve into inner wisdom and insight – Gradually with time practicing Yoga, it helps to simply keep off and away all the mental clutter that might have been restraining all the insights that all of us face with our body image, feel comfortable in the skin in which we actually are, etc. In most of the cases, such insight could get engrossed under the guilt or shame or hatred feelings but regular Yoga practicing could help in keeping up more space for wisdom and insight rather than other feelings. The more people can imbibe in them with the curiosity, understanding and acknowledging about presence, appreciating your body, doing and trying different asanas, curious and observing things while practicing, the better results in terms of happiness, contentment, and inner peace will be there.

Hope the information is informative and interesting to read on. What are you thinking now? Simply attend the yoga classes first with a good school, learn forms and get knowledge about them considering both theoretically and practically and do make sure to practice for few minutes and get down at your Yoga mat on daily basis. There are several Yoga schools in India, have a discussion with them, acknowledge about the benefits that these Yoga classes can do for you and take out some time to learn and preach about them. Learning about a Yogi life could be interesting and could really help you in attaining confidence, in love with yourself and last but not least the patience and perseverance to live life happily and with zest and enthusiasm.