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Life Transformation Things Yoga instructors have shared with aspirants

There is no denial to the fact that most of the times, your Yoga instructor gets you in the completely right manner like no one ever do. It is indeed pretty much straight to you all, well few days in Yoga class, it could seem that whatever your Yoga instructor has been saying is pointless or sound in some different language and completely off the hook, and in spite of his good and best intentions, you might be not in the right mindset to focus and learn something but there are times, when he is the only one that takes and considers you seriously and understands in the best possible way out. It happens in Yoga classes that at times, the yoga teacher is been saying exactly the same thing that the student wants to hear at that time. It is all stars of people and how they get the chance to meet up with others and it is all been written prior only. It is pretty important to feel in the way and to that extent in which it is supposed to be and while looking for Yoga and meditative practice, it is vital to look out for understanding, acknowledgement, peace and acceptance. When a Yoga practitioner is able to live in these moments, then it is the true meaning of what Yoga practice has been doing and lending such life transforming changes into them. Looking for more motivation and inspiration? Well, read on to the following quotes and experiences that Yoga instructors have shared with their students and they are simply awe inspiring and must to go through.

  • Try always to reach higher to achieve balance – In a Yoga session, students were trying to go for tree pose, a specific yoga asana, and few of them were falling out and not able to do that pose. The yoga instructor simply said to everyone, try to reach higher. It was clear through his words that try only to push yourself, a bit higher and harder and automatically rest of things will fall in the right place. In real life also, it makes sense. No matter whether you are having a bad day or getting problems in managing your work, or anything, simply remind yourself to reach higher and you will see that following this, will make all little things beginning to line up.
  • Seeking for answers from the universe – open up your palms. Looking for answers from within – face down the palms – It is a very simple saying and once been said by a Yoga teacher in a yoga session. There is always a choice in front of people and it is must to be understood and realized by everyone that many a times, we don’t have all the answers but for the same, we cannot look at the universe also to reveal them and let life unfold and clear up.
  • Replace your selfishness with gratitude and acceptance – Getting obsessed over small and petty inconveniences is considered as selfish and it always leads to discontent and unhappiness. It is always advisable and as per one of the Yoga teacher saying as well that do make sure to try to be less self obsessed and emphasize more on the gratitude part. It will eventually keep you calm and content in your day to day routine as well.
  • Always speak kindly and with compassion to yourself – It is indeed a very simple and easy to do practice of instead of being unkind and uncompassionate, try to change it to kindness and compassion whenever you are talking and speaking about yourself. It is definitely very redemptive and rewarding.
  • It’s completely fine to have a bad day – In a Yoga class once; teacher was sharing his experience and started by saying that he was saving a rough day. He was running late for the class just because of the rain and his legs were hurting too. In spite of that, he simply showed in the class and then he stated that simply by emphasizing and thinking on teaching the students helped him to move along and just not crib about that day. Even if you are having a bad day, accept the same and move along. Try to do the same in your normal days and you will feel an altogether different experience that will change your life.
  • Take the decision only after seeing what your body is been capable of doing, instead of what the next person on the Yoga mat is been capable of doing – It is good and healthy to be competitive but it is not at all suggested during a Yoga class or even at your work place when it comes to unnecessary things and stuff. In a Yoga session, it is important to be fully and completely mental focused on only and only your practice, your mind and body. If you pay close attention to only and only your capabilities and positives, in that way, you can be much productive and happier and just for the information, stop comparing yourself with everyone else.
  • If something is not happening right in your life, simply thank it, take that as a lesson and let it go – Yes this is true. It might be that you need someone to tell this with humour. All of us get hurt sometime by someone and people hold stuff for too long, be it an argument or a relationship or anything that is not working in their life in the way they think it should. The yoga instructor stated that it is OK to let everything go and live and move with the flow.
  • Less is more – People have the tendency to push themselves up more and more, whether it is about work or life or anything. Even in Yoga sessions, many people didn’t understand the concept as they are too busy in just meeting everyone’s expectations and make their peers feel about how they are doing. But, the right approach in order to feel more confident and powerful is to go for less selective and more restorative choices. It will definitely help you in living life with peace and content.
  • Stay connected to Earth and be like a tree – It is actually thoughtful to feel your roots, always stay connected to the Earth, as your loved ones, family and friends, things you love to do are the only things that could take you to a feeling of relaxation and peace. Whenever you think about insecurity, hatred or else, make sure to always feel connected to earth as it will ultimately get you to peace and satisfaction within.
  • Perfection doesn’t exist – Do understand that in this universe, nothing is perfect. In fact, perfection doesn’t exist at all. It is OK to be not perfect and be satisfied with it. If this is the case, you will never know what is perfect and the universe and everything is going to be the same as it is. Feel happy and relaxed with what you have and remain the same always.

Hope the experiences and saying as per Yoga instructors could make a change in your life too. Are you also one of them looking forward to seek for a life transformational experience by joining for Yoga classes? Looking out for yoga schools in India? Well, Rishikesh, also been referred to as world capital of Yoga has schools and ashrams backed with expert Yoga gurus from all over the world, helping students and aspirants coming over to them to learn and practice Yoga forms, asanas, breathing exercises, meditation, know about yoga philosophy, anatomy and other aspects from both theory and practical way. Feel free to have a discussion with them, talk to Yoga instructor if possible, get down there for yoga teacher training course or yoga retreat or so. No matter whether you just want to gain knowledge on a personal level or want to become a certified Yoga teacher and share the experience with others, it is first needed to get yourself enrolled for 200 hour yoga teacher training course or 300 hour or an advanced level course, learn the concepts and basics from the best teachers and then act on the next step. Yoga is not an exercise, it is an art or science that needs to be imbibed in your daily routine like any other activity and eventually with time, and you can actually see its benefits for sure. It demands dedication, perseverance and patience. So, be patient, try to keep your mind, body and soul open and away from the entire clutter while being in yoga classes, learn and practice it daily without any negativity and enjoy a healthy and hearty life. It is you after all getting adapted to the living standard of a new Yogi life and it is for the good, considering the balance needed to feel at peace in between mind, body and soul and the overall health and well being.