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Discounted Price for Indian Students - November & December

We are pleased to announce discounted fees for 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India for the months of November and December for Indian students.

  • Shared Room
  • ₹30,000
  • Private Room
  • ₹40,000

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh - About

200 hour yoga teacher training is new trend which is being widely accepted by people from all around the world, for this particular teacher training program you will be getting a certification, so that you can easily work as a yoga teacher anywhere in the world. This particular course will help you with all the basic elements of yoga such as Asana, meditation, anatomy, breathing techniques and many more dynamic techniques which can help you with your health immensely.

200 hour yoga teacher training program is affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA. In addition we have the youngest squad of yoga teacher, though they seem to be young but they are very talented as well highly knowledgeable.

They have been joined to their roots from the very beginning and have learned from the best, they have been brought up in the Gurukulam environment hence they know about discipline and practice.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Fees Includes

  • You can stay with us for 28 days.
  • 3 x Daily Yogic meal, detox juices, and teas
  • Every Weekend excursions (one of the old & traditional KunjaPuri Temple in the Himalayas, famous vasist cave in Rishikesh, Aarti at parmarth Niketan, cooking class)
  • yoga material ( Yoga mat, books, notebook, pen, Pencil & body cleansing kit, etc)
  • Morning Himalayas tour and Rishikesh market or local tour in the city.
  • 1 x 60-minute ayurvedic massage or Swedish massage.

What makes our 200 Hour yoga teacher training different?

There are multiple things that make us different from other institutions, the first being a healthy environment, the ambience has all the best qualities suited for a healthy mind, you can find peace and serenity in our vicinity, with multiple yoga teachers who excel in their particular field.
Probably it’s most noteworthy and great opportunity especially relevant for those who would like to deepen their practice, reach new levels safely and explore the path of Yoga. Through the yoga teacher training courses & yoga retreats, furthermore, the centre aims to spread and preserve traditional Yoga through its well-crafted yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats, in the holy Yoga capital of “Rishikesh”, India.

Best Yoga School In Rishikesh

With river Ganga sitting right beside you, you can easily feel connected to your soul, with proper meditation techniques..

In addition to all this, we also want our future teacher to feel at home, in order to do that we let them explore the beautiful city of Rishikesh every weekend, and let them understand the city, the culture and even the beautiful heritage this particular city has to offer..

200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh - Benifits

  • It gives meaning to your life and helps you live a life more motivated and healthy for the rest of your lives.
  • 200 hourr teacher training will help you gain self- confidence and help you fight negative elements within you.
  • It helps to control your envious and self destructive attitude.
  • In monetary terms it can help you a lot as you can teach other people how Yoga is properly done.
  • It helps you fight against the stressful live of the 21 st century, and a lead a positive life.

Yoga has introduced a new approach which is also known as the art of living. Practicing and preaching yoga is definitely a noble profession. This discipline has the answer to many incurable diseases. Besides, yoga also helps to maintain and regulate various body functions. It helps keeps old people fit from stiffness of joints. The 200 hour yoga training program encompasses various activities. These 200 hour is sternly under discipline, as there are various norms that one has to abide by, while under this 200 hour yoga training program.

There are proper stipulate hour for each activity, there are meal hour, mantra chanting period and at the weekends, people can visit nearby places for recreation. Practicing yoga would definitely wipe out all the stress and toxicities of your life. It would help discover you inner self and potentials, which you never knew existed in your system. All the asanas are taught right from the basic level so even beginners would face no problem. Other than asanas, meditation is also taught. Meditation helps calm you stressed and sometimes over stressed nerves.


DATES Course Budget Occupied/Total
2 April to 28 April 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh Shared Room USD $750
Private Room USD $999
Couple booking USD $1400
10/12 BOOK NOW
2 May to 28 May 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh 8/12 BOOK NOW
2 June to 28 June 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh 7/12 BOOK NOW
2 July to 28 July 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh 9/12 BOOK NOW
2 August to 28 August 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh 6/12 BOOK NOW
2 September to 28 September 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh 2/12 BOOK NOW
2 October to 28 October 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh 0/12 BOOK NOW
2 November to 28 November 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh 0/12 BOOK NOW
2 December to 28 December 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh 0/12 BOOK NOW